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About Me

Hi there! My name is Simeon Rawls, originally from Salina, Kansas but now live in New York City. When asked how I got my start in the arts I always say "I came out of the womb singing." Music has been in my soul for as long as I can remember. As a little kid I would walk, skip, and dance up and down our sidewalk singing and re-imagining myself in whatever musical movie my mum had just rented for me from the library (much to my siblings agony). 

I began piano lessons in 1st grade which led to children's choir to vocal lessons and my first musical in high school "Grease." It was during one of our first dance rehearsals I thought "dancing isn't so hard" and from there met my first wonderful dance teacher Peggy Simms who I will always thank for starting me on my dance journey. 

I later attended Oklahoma City University where I received a Bachelor's of Performing Arts in Dance Performance with a Music Theatre Emphasis under the direction of the great Jo Rowan. 

I have been truly blessed to have worked with so many wonderful summer stocks, regional theaters, theme parks, and cruise lines all over the world. To be able to tell my sidewalk singing child self that I have a career doing what I love and have always loved is a gift. I owe where I am today as a performer, musician, and person to my mum for always pushing, guiding, and supporting me.

Thanks mum!

Thanks for stopping by and I leave you with my personal show mantra: "Be fierce, be Broadway, be Yonce"

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